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0 Fitness Book Review: Feng Shui For Beginners by Isabel Jennings, Roger Thatthttp://www.FitnessBookMix.com

This is the summary of Feng Shui For Beginners by Isabel Jennings, Roger Thatt.

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0 The Art of Feng Shui In Business, Love and etc.This video gives a brief introduction to clearing your space and allowing new energy to flow into your life and your business. Peace and Love. my website is http://www.TheBlackBerryBeauty.com

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What is good to use to get rid of your debts to buy a home and a car? Thankyou Where is the best place to put your lottery tickets?

Use any of these items or colors in the *far left corner* of your home to boost your prosperity:

• Any color in the blue, red or purple color spectrum
• Expensive or valuable possessions, such as art, crystals, coins and sculpture (and lottery tickets)
• Water features, such as waterfalls, fountains and fish tanks
• Fresh flowers or plants that bloom in blue, red or purple flowers
• Healthy plants, especially ones with round, coin-shaped leaves, such as jade plants
• Photos and artwork representing desired possessions, such as cars, homes or jewelry
• Affirmations or quotes pertaining to wealth and abundance
• Wind chimes, mobiles, flags and whirligigs
• Arrangements in groupings of four

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0 Religion Book Review: Clear Your Clutter With Feng Shui by Karen Kingstonhttp://www.ReligionBookMix.com

This is the summary of Clear Your Clutter With Feng Shui by Karen Kingston.

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0 NEIL KINGHAM: The Tao of Food / The Feng Shui Society Conference (7) 18 May 2013, London UKThe Feng Shui Society Conference (7) 18 May 2013, London UK

NEIL KINGHAM: The Tao of Food

Nutritional therapy has always been one of the cornerstones of Traditional Chinese Medicine, alongside feng shui. Neil Kingham will introduce you to the five elements and yin and yang qualities of food and will show you how to immediately apply those principles to your own diet to restore balance and harmony. Discover how the energetics of food affect your internal environment and provide opportunities for optimizing good health and well-being.

Neil Kingham is a practitioner of Chinese Medicine and has been involved with the Chinese Health Arts for over 15 years. He specializes in the self-healing and self-cultivation practices known as ‘Yang Sheng’, in particular Chinese Nutrition, which he teaches at post-graduate level.

The Feng Shui Society Conference (7) 18 May 2013, London UK

Watch other feng shui experts and speakers from this feng shui conference

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My mom and I need advise before we buy a new painting for this part of our house. Thanks!

You can place a mirror there or artwork incorporating wavy, cascading lines or asymmetrical and free form shapes, or artwork depicting water (ocean, waterfall, etc.). You might also consider water features, such as aquariums, water fountain and vases of water.

Also, photos and artwork representing desired possessions, such as cars, homes or jewelry.

the negative energy left from others out. I haven’t studied much feng shui so but I do know one small mistake could send the energy currents coursing in the wrong direction and effect the peace and harmony of my home.

i think you misunderstood what fengshui is about. in the simplest sense, fengshui is a about a group of methods/ formulas/ systems which you use to locate the good (and bad) energy in your environment, and know how to use them accordingly. so without knowing these concepts, it would be applying fengshui blindly.

clearing the clutter and the widely published bagua method are not fengshui methods. some of the fengshui methods are flying stars, 8 mansions, water placements, etc. i personally like flying stars, because of its simplicity.

in flying stars, you need to draw the chart of your house – a 3 column by 3 rows chart, with each box containing 3 numbers. the numbers are used to represent an element/ energy form. numbers are also used to make analysis of the new energy form to make analysis easier. when energy or in this case numbers combine, they react and interact and form new energy. the chart is made by using the facing degree of your main door and when you first moved into the house (or when was the last time you had a major [about more than 70%] renovation, whichever is later).

when you use a space, you "activate" the energy in that space, and make it (the characteristic of that combined energy form) happen in your life. so when you activate good energy, good things happen. when you activate bad energy, accidents and expenses happen.

another thing, there is a thing in fengshui as current luck and expired luck – we always activate the current luck. because expired luck will always make our lives stagnant or no luck at all.

i mentioned that in every box in the chart, it contains 3 numbers. the numbers represent mountain star (for health), water star (for money) and the time/ base star. so to activate the current (8, because we are now in period #8, which lasts from 2003 to 2023, i think) mountain star to give us good health, and current water star to give us good money luck.

if you have a trapped meaning current mountain star, meaning that the mountain 8 star is in the center box (3×3 grid, there will be a center box), then it means that an occupant of the house will die. so, in fengshui, we make some solution to "free" this trapped star by renovating the house. same goes with the current water star, when it is trapped, then someting might happen to the breadwinner of the house and prevent him/ her to work and earn his/ her living. fengshui in the modern world is kinda tweaked to be specifics.

there is really no such thing as to make your house be in harmony with the elements. this is just to make someone stop asking questions about fengshui. see, it works. because most people dont know anything about fengshui.

the easiest in having a good fengshui in the house is really to hire someone to do an audit of your house. another more expensive is to attend seminars held by fengshui masters, which i did before. you cannot just learn it from some books or free websites, because you are not sure what basis or experience to claim such things. but with the fengshui masters, he or she has reputation to justify their knowledge on fengshui.


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